Does CORSAIR own Elgato?

In the world of gaming hardware, two major players have emerged as leading brands – CORSAIR and Elgato. Both companies have gained considerable popularity and recognition among gamers worldwide.


CORSAIR is a renowned American computer peripherals and hardware company, specializing in high-performance gaming equipment. Elgato, on the other hand, is a German-based company that focuses on creating innovative and user-friendly streaming and content creation tools.

The Acquisition

In June 2018, CORSAIR announced the acquisition of Elgato Gaming, the gaming division of Elgato Systems. This strategic move allowed CORSAIR to expand its product portfolio and strengthen its presence in the gaming market.

With this acquisition, Elgato’s range of game capture cards, streaming accessories, and content creation tools became part of the CORSAIR family. By combining their expertise, CORSAIR and Elgato aimed to provide gamers with top-of-the-line hardware and software solutions.

Impact on the Gaming Community

The CORSAIR and Elgato partnership brought about several positive outcomes for the gaming community.

1. Enhanced Product Integration

With the merger, Elgato’s products seamlessly integrated with CORSAIR’s existing ecosystem. This integration allowed gamers to enjoy a streamlined experience, maximizing their gaming and content creation potential.

2. Industry-Leading Innovation

The collaboration between CORSAIR and Elgato has fostered a culture of innovation. The combined resources and expertise of the two companies have led to the development of cutting-edge technologies and features, further enhancing the gaming experience.

3. Increased Availability

Does CORSAIR own Elgato?

As a result of the acquisition, Elgato’s products gained more availability and accessibility across the globe. CORSAIR’s extensive distribution network ensured that gamers worldwide could easily access Elgato’s range of streaming and content creation tools.

4. Stellar Customer Support

CORSAIR’s commitment to customer service and support extended to Elgato’s products as well. With their established reputation for excellent customer support, CORSAIR ensures that gamers have assistance whenever they require it.

Current Scenario

As of now, Elgato Gaming operates as a separate brand within the CORSAIR organization. They continue to develop and release top-quality gaming products while enjoying the support and resources provided by CORSAIR.

Furthermore, the acquisition has allowed both companies to expand into new markets and reach a broader audience. CORSAIR’s strong foothold in the gaming industry, coupled with Elgato’s expertise in streaming and content creation, has proven to be a winning combination.

The acquisition of Elgato Gaming by CORSAIR has been a game-changer in the gaming hardware industry. It brought together two industry leaders and resulted in improved products, increased availability, and enhanced customer support for gamers worldwide. The partnership between CORSAIR and Elgato continues to thrive, ensuring exciting advancements in the gaming world for years to come.

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